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Alabama drive-in says Jesus doesn’t want them to show Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast (Image: Disney)

The management of a drive-in theater in Henagar, Alabama is refusing to show Disney’s upcoming Beauty And The Beast to the 2,344 inhabitants of the small Southern town, on the grounds that they couldn’t comfortably do so with God or Jesus riding in their car. Per the theater’s Facebook page, that heavenly opposition stems from Disney’s desire to “continually force their views on us” in the form of making one of the movie’s minor character’s—Josh Gad’s LeFou—gay. “We need to take a stand,” the post continues, declaring that the drive-in will no longer serve as the moral crucible in which Alabama children might receive the hideous moral truth that some human beings are gay.


The theater is currently showing The Eagle Huntress and A Dog’s Purpose, even though we’re pretty sure the Bible doesn’t come out in favor of reincarnating talking dogs, either. Meanwhile, theatergoers looking for some of the sweet, Disney-mandated “sex, nudity, homosexuality, and foul language” that the Henagar Drive-In is denying them can drive 20 minutes to nearby Fort Payne, where Beauty And The Beast is still listed as Coming Soon.

[via IndieWire]

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