Back in November it was announced that Steve Carell was already considering reteaming with Crazy Stupid Love writer Dan Fogelman on Imagine, Fogelman’s prospective directorial debut about an aging “Bruce Springsteen-like rocker” who reconnects with his estranged son after finally getting around to reading an old letter written to him by John Lennon—most likely telling him not to make the same mistake he’d made with Julian, like suddenly he’s the expert on fatherhood on something. Anyway, while it appears that Carell has already backed out of playing the son, the project is moving forward regardless with Al Pacino in the lead as that aging rocker, who may or may not still be Springsteen-like with Pacino on board. After all, everyone knows Al Pacino is legendary for his mellifluous, choirboy-like soprano, and that his light, effortless rendition of Mozart’s The Magic Flute in particular causes grown men to weep.