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Aisha Tyler will sing her own torch songs on Archer: Dreamland

Going back to 1947 will provide Sterling Archer with a whole new (old) era of fashion to explore on the new season of Archer, as well as show off Lana Kane’s softer side. Subtitled Dreamland, season 8 of Adam Reed’s animated series will set Lana up on stage as a torch singer, which is a far cry from her previous role as the most competent spy at ISIS. And Aisha Tyler says she’ll be handling all of Lana’s lines—and lyrics—in the new season.

While at CBS’ TCA winter press tour morning session, Tyler told The A.V. Club she’ll be “singing all my own songs, which is really fun. Standards that people know and love. We had a musical component in season 5 [Archer Vice] with Cheryl as a country singer, Cherlene. I’m really lucky that they asked me to sing, and that I can actually sing my own songs. I think they were all a little surprised. They were going to give me a chance, and then secretly replace me with a standards singer. But they seem to be happy with what I’m doing.”


As for the season at large, Tyler notes that the “characters and context are transforming” in going back in time. The erstwhile spies’ (and Pam) “relationships and personalities will stay the same as before. But it’s a totally different setting.”

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