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Aisha Tyler will guest star in Ryan Murphy’s HBO pilot Open

Ryan Murphy’s HBO pilot Open continues to add people to its “modern, provocative exploration of human sexuality and relationships.” The cast already includes Fringe star Anna Torv and Jennifer Jason Leigh as lesbian lovers, Michelle Monaghan as a gynecologist who might come between them, Scott Speedman as Monaghan’s husband, Wes Bentley as “a handsome blowhard who loves espousing his theories on human sexuality,” and Cheyenne Jackson as “a handsome meth addict,” because that’s a true-to-life character type. Now Archer’s Aisha Tyler has booked a guest role in the pilot, as a nurse working at Monaghan’s gynecology practice who “possesses a modern outlook on matrimony.” No stuffy, backwards views on relationships to be found here; only the most provocative, forward-thinking approaches to modern relationships, as nuanced and complex as the Ryan Murphy brand suggests. Tyler has appeared on two of Murphy’s previous shows, as Jake Puckerman’s mother on Glee and as a Somalian model on Nip/Tuck.


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