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Airwolf, Punky Brewster, and Saved By The Bell are getting comic book adaptations

Filling a marketplace hole that arguably never existed, NBC Universal has announced plans to turn five of its "classic" TV shows into limited-run comic books. The network has partnered with digital publisher Lion Forge comics to publish 24 issues each of comics based on Airwolf, Knight Rider, Miami Vice, Punky Brewster, and, of all things, Saved By The Bell. While readers will no doubt be riveted by the dramatic graphical interpretation of that one time Cherie got stuck in the fridge on Punky Brewster, or Michael’s wacky automobile adventures with KITT on Knight Rider, it's the Saved By The Bell book that has the potential to be a sort of souped-up version of Archie, perhaps with fewer hamburger-eating contests and openly gay characters. (Note to Dennis Haskins and Dustin Diamond: This would be a good time to schedule even more comic book convention appearances.)

Writers on the project will include Teen Titans' Joelle Sellner, Geekscape's Jonathan London, Leverage's Geoffrey Thorne, and Catalyst Prime's David Gorden. Jason Johnson, Carl Reed, and Lorenzo Lizana will contribute artwork.


The Airwolf comic will debut in September, and all the books will be previewed at Lion Forge’s Comic-Con panel later this month.

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