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Air’s new album is a soundtrack for a museum

Befitting its love of all things vintage, Air’s latest album is a vinyl-only soundtrack created for a museum. The artwork found in the Palais De Beaux Arts De Lille, the largest French museum outside of Paris, inspired the nine ambient tracks on the aptly titled Music For Museum. The French duo mused on four contemporary artists in particular: Linda Bujoli, Mathias Kiss, Xavier Veilhan, and Yi Zhou, whose works are all currently on display there.

Music For Museum joins past Air soundtracks like the score for 2000’s The Virgin Suicides and 2012’s Le Voyage Dans La Lunea soundtrack to Georges Méliès’ restored 1902 science-fiction film of the same name. Air has also soundtracked countless make-out sessions throughout the world.


Music For Museum is available for order here.

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