Casual Aimee Mann fans might not realize she didn’t spring from the musical womb a fully formed solo singer-songwriter. Instead, she once helmed '80s group 'Til Tuesday, of “Voices Carry” fame. Luckily she has writer, comedian, and radio host Tom Scharpling to remind her. As the director of Mann’s new video for “Labrador,” Scharpling—played by a very "collambrative" Jon Hamm in the clip—somehow tricks Mann into a shot-for-shot remake of the “Voices Carry” video, skinny rat tail and all. Indie rock superdrummer Jon Wurster plays the abusive Wall Street boyfriend, and Ted Leo sits in on guitar sporting an impressively terrible wig. The clip is smart, well-shot, and absolutely representative of Mann’s music—everything a good video should be these days. It’s also funny as hell.