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Ah, Canada: Concerned citizen calls cops on Terminator cutout

(Image: Orion Pictures/Wikipedia

The Canadian metropolis of Toronto (population: 2.6 million) was briefly menaced by the rise of the non-mechanical machines yesterday, with the Toronto Police Department’s official Twitter account reporting that they’d been called in to investigate a “person with a gun” that was later revealed to be an advertising cutout from the Terminator film franchise.


The department followed its initial tweet with another one eight minutes later, explaining the mistake, and including a cheeky #IllBeBack hashtag. (That being said, we don‘t know if you’ve seen these movies, but cops really shouldn’t be getting involved with Terminators. It never goes well.) We haven’t been following the Toronto PD’s Twitter today, but we can only assume that they’ve since put out an all-points bulletin on a totally spooky ghost their cousin swears he saw in Three Men And A Baby, ultimately revealed to be a cardboard Ted Danson.

(Meanwhile, if it seems like we’re making a little gentle fun of our Canadian friends, think of it like this: this story could have gone so badly, in so many ways, if this had happened in an American city, that our kneejerk response is just to laugh and be relieved that a potential cyber-plywood apocalypse is all we have to worry about today.)

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