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Ah, a Nelson Muntz/M83 mashup, finally

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Let’s not dilly-dally: Here’s M83’s massive single “Midnight City,” only the distinctive musical refrain is now just The Simpsons’ Nelson Muntz, doing what he does best.

The Simpsons has long proven to be incredibly meme-able, much to the frustration of old men shaking fists at clouds, the embarrassment of Homers backing slowy into shrubbery, the surprise of whistling people who enter doors to see their grandson sitting at the check-in desk and promptly turn around and go back out again, and the steaminess of steamed hams. Now, the school bully’s iconic laugh has been repurposed to up the cromulence factor in the 2011 synth-pop hit. Nelson laughing—now, with more shoegaziness.


This masterpiece arrives courtesy of TikToker teodomani, and it’s preceded by this glimpse of how it was made:


Delightful. Even more so, because teodomani’s work of genius gives us an excuse to bring this one back out:


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