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Agent Carter casts a couple of new pals for its second season

Wynn Everett and Lotte Verbeek. Photo credit: Getty Images

Agent Carter is heading to Hollywood this year, with ABC announcing that it’s cast a handful of new stars to fill out the show’s Tinseltown crew. First up on the roster: The Newsrooms Wynn Everett, who’ll be facing off against Hayley Atwell as future Marvel villain Madame Masque (a.k.a. actress Whitney Frost, who eventually gets her Doctor Doom on after suffering a disfiguring facial injury.) Currie Graham—whose credits include Pompeii and House Of Lies, and whose name sounds like a delivery system for delicious Indian food—will play Whitney’s husband, Calvin.

On the less obviously villainous side of the spectrum, Lotte Verbeek, from The Fault In Our Stars, has joined the cast as Ana Jarvis, wife of Edwin, a “free spirit” who takes Peggy Carter under her wing as she attempts to root out a conspiracy lurking beneath the bright Hollywood sun. They’ll be joined by Reggie Austin, who’ll play a potential love interest for Peggy as a “quirky yet charismatic” scientist (who may or may not be the Communist traitor from this old Marvel horror comic.)


The new series won’t be all new characters and Barton Fink-ish fast-talking antics, though; Chad Michael Murray, James D’Arcy, and Enver Gjokaj will all be coming back for the second season, along with returning appearances from Bridget Reagan and Dominic Cooper.

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