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Age Of Ultron In 2 Minutes snaps together the film’s high and low points in LEGO

Marvel fans were understandably divided in response to Avengers: Age Of Ultron. On the one hand, it’s hard to complain about your primary antagonist being voiced by Robert California. On the other hand, it wasn’t buoyed by the same propulsive fun that the first Avengers was, and worse, portended the beginning of a series of “serious” Marvel movies (which Warner/DC has already claimed dibs on). Ultron also took some weird detours, like a three-day weekend at the Hawkeye homestead, and Ultron’s diabolical plan to… fly away with an eastern European town. Maybe it’s best to just enjoy the Ultron scenes, and give the gloomy varsity team a pass, since it appeared that by the end of the film, the B-squad will be picking up the torch.

Built in LEGO by the How It Should Have Ended team, this Age Of Ultron In 2 Minutes pinpoints some of the plot holes, questionable decisions, and weird diversions. For instance, even Tony Stark would have had time to brush up on the premise of The Terminator before pulling the trigger on an omniscient, computerized defense force. Would Mrs. Hawkeye really be cool with the Avengers crashing at her pad for a few days? And what exactly was Thor doing in that cave, aside from slacking off for the second act? It’s not all criticism, though, as sequences like the castle-storming scene, Hulk vs. Iron Man duel, and the final showdown all manage to represent the kinetic fun of the source material, and even does a good job at producing snapshot versions of the big-screen snarky exchanges between the likes of Iron Man and Ultron.

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