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Presidents’ Day has come and gone this year, and with it a multitude of car and mattress sales. But in honor of the day designed to honor all Commanders-In-Chief, let’s take a look at some of the greatest presidents to ever grace the silver screen. This mash-up video by the Huffington Post strings together one long speech from myriad film presidents into an inspiring, if a bit odd, monologue about love, unity, and declaring war on sovereign states (like Canada).


There are some notable absences in the video—where’s Peter Sellers’ milquetoast leader of the free world from Dr. Strangelove? And what about that trio of ass-kicking presidents from Air Force One, Olympus Has Fallen, and White House Down? Truly they deserve a shot alongside such luminaries as Dave from Dave and that guy who played the president in X-Men 3. Still, it’s a stirring speech delivered from some of cinema’s finest leaders (and actors who’ve played the part), and just as good as getting a sweet discounted mattress to honor all those who’ve occupied the Oval Office.

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