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Illustration for article titled After doing lots of harm, emDo No Harm/em is canceled, so it can no longer do harm

After a historically awful premiere and a follow-up episode that proved that sometimes the second version of something is even worse—like, sometimes it smokes cigarettes and is sarcastic to people—Do No Harm has been canceled, officially ending TV’s attempt to turn Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde into a show for at least this season. Last night’s episode pulled a dismal 0.7 rating, a 27-percent drop from its already all-time worst debut that led to Do No Harm joining the likes of The Paul Reiser Show, Lone Star, My Generation, and Emily’s Reasons Why Not in the pantheon of stillborn series. (Meanwhile, Do No Harm star Steve Pasqule joins My Own Worst Enemy’s Christian Slater and Shattered’s Callum Keith Rennie down at the shelter for TV characters with split-personalities, where they can brood meaningfully into cracked mirrors all day.) NBC is currently retooling Do No Harm as a multicamera sitcom starring Lisa Kudrow.


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