Declan's wish to "blow stuff up" tops weekend to remember (Screenshot: YouTube)

After enduring seven months of chemotherapy and over 30 blood transfusions, a 12-year-old Australian boy named Declan McLean-Pauley—now happily in remission for leukemia—had a very special request for Make-A-Wish Australia. He wanted to “blow stuff up.” And so, the charitable organization got him in touch with some people who could make that happen, namely the Australian Federal Police’s Specialist Response Group, who gave McLean-Pauley a day filled with Michael Bay-style explosions. It’s all captured in a video that tugs at the heart while also assaulting the eardrums. The lesson here is that watching stuff explode in spectacular fashion can be every bit as fulfilling as meeting some athlete or pop star. These are some kickass memories that the child and his family can cherish for years to come.

McLean-Pauley’s adventure began with with a police-led motorcade. From there, it was time for some simulated hostage situations. After that, an armored car took him to a training village, where he was allowed to, in layman’s terms, blow some shit to kingdom come with explosive charges. The boy, not surprisingly, took to this kind of work with great aplomb. He’s had plenty of time to look forward to this moment. According to the Make-A-Wish volunteers, this particular wish has been in the planning stage for about a year. Time well-spent.


[via Motherboard]