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After a long delay, Season 4 of Wynona Earp is actually happening

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TV shows can die off for any number of reasons, but one that you don’t hear too often is that the company behind a show simply ran out of money. At the beginning of this year, though, it seemed like that inauspicious fate would end up being exactly what killed off Syfy’s Wynona Earp, with comic book publisher-turned TV studio IDW Entertainment admitting that its financial troubles had forced it to put the future of Wynona Earp on hold. Luckily, nothing comes between fans of a Syfy original series and the Syfy original series that they’re fans of, and after an extensive grassroots campaign, those fans have convinced IDW and Syfy to keep the show alive… after a brief, year-long hiatus.


This comes from Vulture, which says the team behind the show will start plotting out a fourth season in November, with production supposed to begin in January of 2020 and an airdate set for some time next summer. The core cast is all set to return, despite the fact that many of their contracts lapsed in the time between the end of the third season last year and now, with Melanie Scrofano (who plays Earp herself), Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, and Katherine Barrell all getting new deals as the show goes into this unexpected fourth season—or at least relatively unexpected, since Syfy had already ordered fourth and fifth seasons before money troubles sidelined the show.

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