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After 3 years off the air, the Scream TV show is moving to VH1 for another season

Screenshot: YouTube

Someone at Viacom HQ woke up in a cold sweat this morning and remembered that they never released the third season of MTV’s Scream TV show, because The Hollywood Reporter says that it’s finally going to hit the airwaves more than three years after the second season ended. In another twist, this one will actually be airing on VH1, with a plot that’s completely unrelated to the first two seasons, and with the first appearance of the actual Scream “Ghostface” mask. The original two seasons couldn’t (or simply didn’t) get the rights to the mask, using a new version in its place, and the new season of Scream will also be bringing in Roger Jackson to voice the killer—reprising his role from the movies.

Season three of Scream (billed as Scream: Resurrection), has Queen Latifah as an executive producer and is moving the action to Atlanta, focusing on a young football player whose “tragic past comes back to haunt him” and his “unlikely group of friends.” It will star RJ Cyler, Mary J. Blige, Keke Palmer, Tyler Posey, and Tyga, with Paris Jackson making some kind of cameo appearance. Also, just in case it wasn’t clear that Viacom really wants to wash its hands of this thing, THR says that VH1 will be airing the six-episode season in two-hour chunks across three nights, beginning on July 8.


You can see a teaser for the revival of the reboot below.

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