Aerosmith may never release another full-length record again—at least, according to guitarist Joe Perry. He tells Rolling Stone that the tepid reception to the group’s last record, 2012’s Music From Another Dimension!, negatively impacted the group’s confidence, and that from now on it might “just release an EP every six months” (which could arguably be worse).

Perry says that Music fulfilled the band’s Sony contract, meaning the group is a free agent for the moment. He also blames the record’s failure on several factors beyond the band’s control, and beyond the fact that people don’t really love Aerosmith as much as they used to. He says the band’s biggest advocate, former Columbia Records chair Steve Barnett “left the label three weeks before the album came out,” something that could have hurt its performance. He also said the band made the decision to tie its single “Legendary Child” to the G.I. Joe movie, which was then subsequently delayed for nine months—either because it didn’t have enough Channing Tatum or it wasn’t filmed in 3-D, depending on who you ask.


Of course, another problem could be the waning powers of Aerosmith itself, especially considering frontman Steven Tyler’s antics in recent years. Just this week, Tyler was filmed trying to jump in with some Lithuanian street musicians playing “Crazy;” the video offers a pretty good example of what Aerosmith fans can expect these days.