Aerosmith tour announcement (Screenshot: Twitter)

It would seem that time has caught up with even the most seemingly indestructible band in rock history. After surviving decades of substance abuse, ego trips, and in-fighting (not to mention that Bee Gees movie), Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry have taken to Twitter to announce that the veteran Boston combo will be embarking upon its supposedly final European tour in 2017. To add to the sense of finality, the tour has been dubbed “Aero-Vederci, Baby!”

Tickets go on sale Friday, but the shows themselves won’t start until May of next year with a concert in Tel Aviv, Israel. Performances in Russia, Germany, and other places across the European continent are also planned. It remains to be seen whether the band will play any further shows outside of Europe. For now, fans are invited to enjoy this ramshackle tour announcement video in which Perry and Tyler pretend to be cable news anchors. Anderson Cooper and Wikileaks references ahoy:


Tyler, boisterous as always, is either way into this idea or really good at feigning enthusiasm, as, mere seconds after collapsing onto the desk, the singer recovers in order to recite a dirty limerick that has no bearing on the proceedings whatsoever. Perry’s manner is semi-comatose, but his colorful plaid outfit and catfish-like mustache give him the appearance of a villain from a Joel Schumacher Batman movie. “Any truth to the rumors that this could be the last hurrah?” Tyler playfully asks his bandmate.”Who the hell knows?” responds Perry.

[via Reuters]