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Adventure Time’s Frederator Studios is still working on a Castlevania cartoon

Adventure Time

Back in 2015, we reported that voice of the digital generation (and Dredd executive producer) Adi Shankar was developing a “super violent” animated series based on Konami’s Castlevania video game series. (For younger readers, Konami used to be a company that made video games before it started dedicating all of its time to being generally shitty.) Shankar said he was working with Adventure Time and Fairly OddParents animation house Frederator Studios, which happens to own the adaptation rights to Castlevania.

Now, it sounds like Frederator has cagily confirmed that this Castlevania cartoon is really happening. Speaking with Nickelodeon’s official Nick Animation Podcast (via Bleeding Cool), Fred Seibert (the “Fred” in Frederator) explained that his team is working on an “unnamed” project based on “one of the most world-famous video games of the last 30 years.” He said they’ve had the rights to this unnamed game for 12 years and haven’t been able to work on it, but—perhaps due to the upcoming end of Adventure Time—they’re now able to get it going.


He doesn’t specifically say he’s talking about Castlevania, but the series did just have its 30th birthday in September, so that does fit. Also, assuming this really is happening, it better include a perfect recreation of the incredible Symphony Of The Night opening:

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