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Adventure Time is saying goodbye (but Cobra-Kai is back) in today's trailer happy hour

Photo: Cartoon Network

Welcome back to Trailer Happy Hour, where we take all the day’s lighter bits of pop-culture teasing and promotion, and combine them all into one tasty cocktail of “here’s what’s coming next.” Today, we’ve got the upcoming departure of one beloved institution, the return of another, and Johnny Knoxville back to his old tricks, destroying his poor, battered body for a few cheap laughs.

First up: A finale-focused trailer for the very final episode of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, which is set to air some time this summer. The tone on display is undeniably grim, as the Candy Kingdom prepares to go to war, but the most upsetting part might be the sound of the series’ usual ending theme—Ashley Erikkson’s beautiful “Island Song”—now all slowed down and mournful as the series reaches its end.


Things are a little more lively in the new trailer for Cobra Kai, YouTube Red’s May 2-set follow-up to the Karate Kid. Sadly, there’s no sign of Joe Esposito’s energetically stupid “You’re The Best Around,” but the new trailer does make it clear that former bad-boy Johnny is the protagonist here, and not Ralph Macchio’s Daniel, who honestly seems like he grew up to be kind of a jerk. (Also, yes, there’s a lot of kicking, and at least one glimpse of a distinctive skeleton costume.)

Speaking of older guys revisting their glory days, there’s also Knoxville’s new Action Point, in which the Jackass and Bad Grandpa star once again offers up his body on the altar of violently cringe-based comedy. (Think Adventureland, if 75 percent of the movie was watching Jesse Eisenberg absolutely destroy his junk, over and over again.) The film slams itself into theaters on June 1.


On a more cosmic note, Netflix also released the trailer for its new sci-fi picture The Titan, which will see Avatar’s Sam Worthington once again getting all transformed in the interest of exploring an alien world. Things don’t seem to go quite so smoothly, this time, though, since it looks like Worthington ends up turning himself into some sort of extraterrestrial fish monster. Ah, science. The film arrives on Netflix on March 30.


Finally, we’ve got the new trailer for Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon’s The Spy Who Dumped Me. The presentation—complete with a Bond-esque title sequence and brassy theme song—is top-notch, even if we’re mostly here just to listen to McKinnon’s character ramble on about Minion-based sex dreams. You’ll have to wait a little while for that particular gibbering climax, though; The Spy Who Dumped Me won’t arrive in theaters until August 3.


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