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Adventure Time is getting a Marceline origin story miniseries

Adventure Time

Cartoon Network, being no dummies when it comes to the thoughtful, fun-loving goldmine they’ve discovered with Adventure Time, wasted no time in renewing the show for a seventh season back in July. Now, the network has set a premiere date for those new episodes, along with some even more exciting news: A set of airdates for Stakes, a new Adventure Time miniseries telling the origin story of Marceline, The Vampire Queen.

One of the show’s (many) breakout characters, Marceline is an immortal vampire whose life stretches all the way back to before the Mushroom War that serves as the surprisingly dark backdrop for the bright, colorful cartoon. The miniseries will see her finally looking to “grow up” and age like a normal person, giving permission to Princess Bubblegum to perform an experiment to cure her of her vampirism. That sets off a whole load of flashbacks, which will play out over an eight-episode run, alongside a modern-day story about the red-loving vamp’s long past finally catching up with her.


The show’s creator’s showed off the first two episodes of Stakes at this year’s New York Comic-Con—including an appearance by Steven Universe creator and former Adventure Time artist and writer Rebecca Sugar as Marceline’s mom, singing her a Sugar-penned song and threatening to send this whole thing into Peak Good Cartoon Self-Indulgence. Stakes will begin airing on November 14, while the regular Adventure Time—which producer Adam Muto said would be going a little less cosmic than last year’s show, while also promising an appearance by Fiona and Cake—will debut on November 2.

[via io9]

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