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Though the recent Emmy win for Childrens Hospital has conveyed a modicum of prestige upon the Adult Swim series, not everyone is enthusiastic about taking advantage of its newfound cachet—first among them the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, a very real medical center that actually tries to help sick kids, rather than using them as props for absurdist sketch comedy. Like the missing apostrophe, the distinction is minor, yet apparently significant enough to warrant an internal memo reminding hospital's staffers of the difference, after management learned of "some confusion" surrounding billboards and other advertisements for Childrens Hospital, which more than one person confused for advertisements made as part of Children's Hospital L.A.'s new rebranding campaign. "Please be advised that the advertisements are in no way associated with CHLA," the memo said of pictures featuring Rob Corrdry wearing scary clown makeup and bloody scrubs and Ken Marino extending a middle finger under the word "Compassion." After being reassured by this explanation, these staffers then went back to making life-or-death decisions while using highly advanced equipment on children.


[Image via Daily Billboard]

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