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Adult Swim will expand its live-action programming with a new series executive produced by John Krasinski, best known for mugging at the camera for nine years on The Office. The show, Dream Corp LLC, takes place at an experimental therapy center of the same name, where a team of scientists led by the eccentric Dr. Roberts (Lost veteran and prototypical Random Roles subject Jon Gries) use virtual reality technology to recreate patients’ wildest dreams. According to Deadline, the therapy program is underfunded and has developed some kinks over the years, but patients keep coming back despite their better instincts (possibly so they can relive their dreams of being successful television producers over and over again). Dream Corp LLC will use a combination of Rotoscoping animation and live-action photography. There’s no official word, but it stands to reason that the parts set in and around the therapy center will be live-action, while the dream sequences will use Rotoscoping.

Krasinski does have some previous experience behind the camera. In addition to directing a handful of Office episodes, he also wrote and directed Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, an adaptation of a book of short stories by David Foster Wallace, and served as a writer and producer on Promised Land.


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