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Adult Swim’s latest weird “infomercial” is deeply unsettling

Hot on the heels of viral hit Too Many Cooks and In Search Of A Miracle Man, Unedited Footage Of A Bear is the latest weird offering to debut in Adult Swim’s ongoing 4 a.m. informercial timeslot. While Unedited Footage Of A Bear doesn’t have an equally catchy jingle (although it does have a Dan Deacon soundtrack), it definitely has Cooks beat in terms of abject terror.

Similar to most of Adult Swim’s previous infomercials, Unedited Footage Of A Bear starts out with a simple, unassuming premise (the titular bear footage), pivots to something new (in this case an ad for allergy medication), then pivots yet again to something truly surreal and terrifying. No spoilers, but it’s far more unnerving than the usual litany of adverse side effects.

After watching, if you’d still like to know more about the miracle drug Claridryl, head on over to its totally normal website.


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