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Adult Swim renews Childrens Hospital for a seventh season

Childrens Hospital

There aren’t many TV networks where a show-within-a-show about a doctor in murder-clown makeup and his deranged, continuity-hating cohorts could rise to the status of respected elder statesman. But there is such a network, Adult Swim, and Childrens Hospital that dignified exercise in sustained madness. The network announced today that it was renewing Rob Corddry, Jonathan Stern, and David Wain’s opus for a seventh season, ensuring that the tales of Drs. Blake Downs, Owen Maestro, Catholomule Black, and the rest of the staff of the titular institutionnot to mention the equally bizarre, drama-prone cast of fake actors who portray themwould continue for another year.

The show is currently in the middle of airing its sixth season, which star and creator Corddry hinted in a press release would end just as explosively, stupidly, and ultimately, gleefully meaninglessly as all the rest: “After our season six cliffhanger, people will be dying for us to turn our backs on the notion of series continuity even more.”


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