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The Rick And Morty panel at San Diego Comic Con this summer didn’t dole out much information about the upcoming season or its premiere date, more’s the pity. We learned back in March that the third season will have 14 episodes instead of 10, which is great news, but since then, it’s mostly been quiet on the Screaming Sun front. Even that cool animatic revealed very little about Rick’s post-imprisonment life (assuming that’s where the new episodes pick up). Well, Adult Swim does hear us and our demands for updates. The network still isn’t giving up bupkis about what we can expect from the buzzy professor and his grandson, but it has released several cool Claymation shorts as part of the Rick And Morty: The Non-Canonical Adventures series.


These brief videos include homages to classic films including The Thing and Halloween, which, while now in our rearview mirror, still feels seasonally appropriate. Check them all out below.

This Ex Machina-inspired one is especially cute:

[via /Film]

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