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Adult Swim releases new Flying Lotus song featuring Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt

Following a crowd-pleasing, sample-laden set at Pitchfork Music Festival two weekends ago, Flying Lotus has released a new song, “Between Friends,” available for download now through Adult Swim’s Summer Singles Program.

The song features an appearance by erstwhile Odd Future prodigy Earl Sweatshirt, who seems to be keeping himself busy following a return to music earlier this year. Also guesting on the song is one “Captain Murphy,” who appears to be neither the Swedish rock band nor the Sealab 2021 character of the same name.


Flying Lotus’s new album, Until the Quiet Comes, is set to be released on October 2, and will feature support by Erykah Badu, Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood, among others.

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