Space Ghost Coast To Coast

C. Martin Croker—the Adult Swim animator and voice actor who played both Zorak and Moltar on Space Ghost Coast To Coast—died over the weekend, and as a tribute to him, Adult Swim aired the Coast To Coast pilot on Sunday night. Unfortunately for people interested in catching up on Cartoon Network’s cult-classic talk show spoof, though, the rest of the episodes are rather difficult to come by these days thanks to the DVDs going out of print. Now, to make up for that, Adult Swim has made almost every episode of Space Ghost Coast To Coast available to stream on its website for free. You don’t even need a cable provider or a login.

The only catch is that not every single episode of the series is available, as there are some gaps here and there in most of the seasons. It’s unclear why some of the episodes can’t be streamed, as they all seem to be available on iTunes, but having most of Space Ghost Coast To Coast for free is still better than having none of it. After all, you can still watch straight-up classics like “Kentucky Nightmare,” “Knifin’ Around,” “Girl Hair,” the lost pilot for the Birdman talk show, and “Baffler Meal”—which features the first appearance of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force gang.


Really, though, the episodes are all pretty short and they’re all good, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. Just head over to Adult Swim’s Space Ghost Coast To Coast page, and watch your afternoon slip away. Just remember this key piece of advice: A shark on whiskey is mighty risky, but a shark on beer is a beer engineer.