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According to Deadline, Adult Swim has given a series order to Three Busy Debras, a project produced by Amy Poehler and her Paper Kite production company. This comes almost exactly one year after the network—err, the… programming block that is treated like its own network even though it’s just Cartoon Network at night—initially ordered the pilot. Perhaps Adult Swim was concerned about launching a TV show that was actually created by women, which is something it has been infamously reluctant to do in the past? Either way, Three Busy Debras is becoming a TV show.


The series was created by, written by, and stars Sandy Honig, Mitra Jouhari, and Alyssa Stonoha, with the three of them playing “deranged housewives” who are all named Debra and live in the “affluent suburban town of Lemoncurd, Connecticut.” Presumably they are also very busy in addition to being deranged, but maybe that part of it is supposed to be self-aware commentary like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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