The VMA-honored, Watch The Throne-approved, debatably misogynist and/or homophobic members of hip-hop/skateboarding/shit-stirring collective Odd Future can now add another feather to their patterned Supreme caps: Adult Swim showrunners. As announced via press release, the network will begin airing the collective’s Loiter Squad in 2012. Previous claims that the series is a “mixture of Jackass and Chappelle’s Show” now have a degree of factual grounding, thanks to the involvement of Jackass production company Dickhouse. Loiter Squad’s 15-minute episodes will include a combination music, sketch comedy, pranks, and “man on the street segments”—which indicates that the series has a bit of Wonder Showzen in its fucked-up DNA, too. Considering the blood-and-guts-and-vomit-filled clips for tracks like “Yonkers” and “Earl,” you may as well start considering Tyler, The Creator and crew the rapping equivalents of Chauncey, Clarence, Him, Wordsworth, and Sthugar—only, you know, more given to rape fantasies and the casual use of racial epithets and gay slurs.