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Adult Swim picks up Dan Harmon show, animated Harold And Kumar, other things

Although Dan Harmon has still yet to sign on officially for Community's future, and thus its fans continue to wonder whether they should be freaking out a lot or just the usual amount, he did get some good news today. Harmon's co-created animated series Rick & Morty is one of seven new pilots that were just given the green light on Adult Swim, which is home to equally rabid fans of cult shows with idiosyncratic humor that not everyone enjoys. The half-hour cartoon about a genius inventor grandfather and his dimwit grandson joins a new development slate that includes: an animated version of Harold And Kumar; a 15-minute cartoon about a crazy fried chicken mogul called Colonel Wallace; Coffin Dodgers, a half-hour animated series from the creators of Drawn Together about a rowdy bunch of retirement home residents; a live-action series from sketch comedy group Green Bench about a bunch of friends who buy an office space for all their hijinks; Freestyle Love Supreme, a live-action series about rapping IT guys; King Star King, a 15-minute cartoon about an idiotic "modern-day He-Man;" and the Seth Grahame-Smith-created Rolling With Dad, about a disabled father and his dumb family. Dumb people: still the key to comedy.


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