In what is the raunchiest name for a detective show since Dick Spanner P.I. or Bones, Adult Swim has given a green light to Hole To Hole, a live-action spoof from South Park and Hot Rod writer Pam Brady and MADtv’s Arden Myrin that sounds like it will pair well with Eagleheart, at least. A play on 1980s shows like Hart To Hart, the series similarly concerns bored, wealthy people investigating things that in the real world would get them killed immediately. Here those bored wealthy people are Ashleigh and Amelia Dangerhole, “America’s sexiest billionaire detectives,” who for 15 minutes each week will use their sexy billions to solve cases the drably dressed, indigent police can’t. Expect lots of speedboats and feathered hair, and other things that only money can buy.