Snoopy, Come Home

Standards are important. They divide us from the animals, and they divide us from those animals’ orifices. Hence, presumably, why the upcoming Samurai Jack revival received a note from the censors at its new home network: “No dog anuses on Adult Swim.” That’s according to io9 and creator Genndy Tartakovsky, the animation innovator who can now apparently add “crossed Adult Swim’s mythical threshold for grossness” to his list of accomplishments.

To be clear, the new Samurai Jack isn’t planning any South Park-esque expeditions into the interior of a dog’s digestive wonderlands. The drawing was apparently just a little circle with an asterisk, such as you might see in a Kurt Vonnegut book or on the back two-fifths of a dog.


[Note: io9, like The A.V. Club, is owned by Univision Communications.]