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Adult Swim greenlights workplace comedy from workplace comedy experts

The Office

Ever since offices were invented, people have struggled to find a bright side to showing up to the same little room every day and completing ultimately meaningless tasks for eternity. Thus was born the workplace comedy, a genre that separates itself from other comedies by taking place in an office instead of a bar or living room. Stephen Merchant and John Krasinski (veterans of the British and American versions of The Office) are experienced in this kind of comedy, and now they’re teaming up to executive produce a new series on Adult Swim.

Billed as an “absurd workplace comedy” by a press release announcing the show, the show is titled Dream Corp, LLC. and revolves around a “neglected dream therapy facility” where “a rotating cast of desperate patients have their dreams recorded and analyzed” by a professor played by Jon Gries (Napoleon Dynamite’s Uncle Rico). If that’s not “absurd” enough, the series will also “utilize the latest rotoscope technology,” a phrase that probably hasn’t been used in decades. There’s no word on when Dream Corp, LLC. will premiere, but it’s reportedly going into production later this year.


Adult Swim started developing the series in May of last year, but that announcement only referred to the dream sequences as being rotoscoped, while the recent press release implies that the whole show will use the technique. Either way, there’ll be some rotoscoping, a phrase probably last uttered by Ralph Bakshi.

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