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Adult Swim drops a gnarly little trailer for JJ Villard's Fairy Tales

If you find yourself thinking, “Yeah, fairy tales are okay, but they’d be a lot better if there were trolls licking toilets and a bunch of swears,” then boy, does Adult Swim have the trailer for you—not the royal you, but a very specific you: an early 2000s high school sophomore who owns more than one Korn t-shirt and filches Marlboros from their mom’s purse. You—with your crunchy, overly-gelled and spiky hair and ball chain necklace collection—are going to love JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales. It will be your favorite show until Drawn Together premieres in 2004.


There’s no better way to describe JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales than with this voiceover line from the trailer: “They’re not just Grimm... they’re grim... AS FUCK.” These are fairy tales with attitude, insert guitar wail over shots of blood and viscera, throw in an F-bomb, holy shit can you believe they put this on TV?! The basic premise is, well, exactly all of the above. Fairy tales, but naughty and weird. That’s it. That’s the deal. JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales debuts on May 10, and if you can hold on to your nards for that long, you’ll get to enjoy a profane cartoon featuring the voices of horror faves like Linda Blair, Robert Englund, Corey Feldman, Warwick Davis, and Jennifer Tilly.

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