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Adult Swim confirms Rick And Morty's May return with a nostalgic trailer

The boys are back in town, indeed. Just when we were beginning to wonder when we’d get to see the space-hopping duo again (beyond that samurai short, we mean), Adult Swim released a Thin Lizzy-backed trailer for the second half of the fourth season of Rick And Morty. Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait it out for years like they did with the last break: The other five episodes will begin airing on May 3. A 1980s-style voiceover instructs fans to “prepare [themselves]” for the highly anticipated remainder of the season, which is seemingly packed with “unnecessarily badass suit-ups,” face-huggers, vats of acid, and Jerry insisting that he’s not an aimless loser. So, you know, business as usual.


The deeply familiar movie trailer voiceover isn’t the only thing in sneak peek sparking some memories: The second half of the season will mark the returns of some old friends and foes, including Morty’s former puppy, currently half-mech furry ally Snuffles and Summer’s old friend-slash-spy Tammy. Considering that the two women are engaged in a lightsaber fight, the chances of reconciliation are looking slim. Speaking of the Smith family’s social butterfly: How long did it take for an alien race to name her their queen? It’s good to know that she’s still able to make it work wherever she winds up.

The trailer does a great job of providing more questions than answers. What’s going on with the Citadel Of Ricks? What’s the next phase of Evil Morty’s plan? Wait, does Rick need to up his Adderall dosage? We’ll find out in May.