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Adult Swim Australia viciously Rickrolled Rick And Morty fans

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In January, Rick And Morty co-creator Dan Harmon explained that the show is taking longer and longer to write, so nobody knows when its highly anticipated third season will actually premiere. Luckily, Adult Swim Australia decided to throw a bone to Rick And Morty fans by releasing what it claimed was the “opening scene” for the third season, but as you can see from the video below, that’s not actually what the clip is.

Yes, it’s an elaborate (and fairly brilliant) Rickroll that was made using clips from the show, and like all of the best Rickrolls, it’s a bit more mean than it is funny. It is funny, though, if only because of how much work it probably took, but anyone who fell for this in the first place probably deserved it. After all, why would Adult Swim Australia have the exclusive first reveal of footage from Rick And Morty season three? That would be like an American Wal-Mart getting the hot new Marmite flavor before anyone else.


Anyway, season three of Rick And Morty still doesn’t have a premiere date, but maybe you can re-watch this clip a few times and just pretend it’s new.

[via io9]

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