Robot Chicken DC Comics Special

Adult Swim is arguably the world’s premier outlet for 15-minute TV shows that are best experienced under the influence of drugs and/or lack of sleep. And now the glorified schedule block has announced its next array of one-off specials and new series pilots that will make you say, “Wait, what the fuck is this?” while channel surfing. All told, Adult Swim is developing 30 new shows, specials, and pilots for this year and the next, with visionaries like Adam Scott, Justin Roiland (of Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Rick And Morty fame), and Seth Green developing some of the projects. This all comes from The Wrap, which quotes Christina Miller—the president and general manager of Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Boomerang—as saying that “this new slate of original programming adds to our growing line-up of successful primetime comedies.” Don’t be fooled by that boring corporate language, though, because some of these shows sound pretty great.

First up are the new shows and specials, which include TV Sucks—a 15-minute “animated sketch show” created by China, IL’s Brad Neely—and Jon Glaser’s Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter, which is about a guy wearing neon clothes who hunts werewolves. There will also be a third Robot Chicken DC Comics Special, which will feature the usual collection of surprisingly famous actors voicing the characters, like Nathan Fillion, Alfred Molina, Jonathan Banks, “Weird” Al Yankovic, and Mae Whitman. Finally, Adam Scott will return to the network that helped him execute The Greatest Event In Television History for a ’60s-set untitled special about Scott and comedian Jon Daly—as themselves—playing in an intense golf tournament.


As for the new pilots, there’s a dark Mister Rogers parody called Neighbor’s House (co-created by Childrens Hospital’s Brian Huskey and Jason Mantzoukas), a show about an “upstart terrorist organization” called Bad Guys, and “a contemporary Soul Train” called The Pound Hole that the official description says will have “surreal, and sometimes violent, but always danceable situations.” The one we’re most excited about, though, is Ballmastrz 9669, a crazy take on Rollerball from Superjail!’s Christy Karacas that takes place “inside giant battle arenas” where “teams of Ballmastrz” compete to win “The Game.”

Adult Swim also announced that a bunch of its current original shows will be returning for new seasons, including Childrens Hospital, The Eric Andre Show, The Jack And Triumph Show, Rick And Morty, and The Venture Brothers—the last of which we’ll believe when we see it. The full list of new shows and returning shows can be found at The Wrap.