Adult Swim had its own upfront presentation today, where it announced several new original series and pilot orders‚ÄĒall of which were immediately overshadowed by the reveal that one of them is a cartoon in which Mike Tyson solves mysteries with a talking pigeon. Fittingly titled Mike Tyson Mysteries, the show will find the former heavyweight champ, armed with a ‚Äúmagical face tattoo,‚ÄĚ teaming with one of his beloved bird pals to solve various Mike Tyson mysteries‚ÄĒthe kind that involve besting supercomputers at chess and helping werewolves finish their novels. Not the far weirder kind, like why a convicted rapist now has a cartoon show with a talking pigeon.

Other, equally odd things are in store from Tim & Eric‚Äôs Bedtime Stories: Zach‚Äôs Haunted House, a Halloween special in which Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, and Zach Galifianakis inherit $1,000 each from their late grandfather, with the catch being that they have to live forever in his haunted mansion. (Haunted by hilarity.) Also confirmed to air soon is Dan Harmon‚Äôs previously announced Rick And Morty; the ‚Äúsatanic dog‚ÄĚ cartoon Mr. Pickles; the specials Metalocalypse: The Doom Star Requiem and Robot Chicken: DC Comics II; the faux-entertainment news show Hot Package; and King Star King, about a ‚Äúpunk rock modern day He-Man‚ÄĚ who‚Äôs condemned to slave away on Earth as a fry cook.

On the pilot development side, there‚Äôs the previously reported ‚Äė80s detective show spoof Hole To Hole; the ‚Äė80s Saturday morning cartoon spoof Team Unicorn; the Paul Scheer and Jonathan Stern co-created Gossip Girl spoof Filthy Sexy Teen$; an animated show about dead frat boys aptly titled Ghostbags; two live-action shows from The Boondocks‚Äô Aaron McGruder; √úbermansion, a show about superhero roommates from the Robot Chicken guys; and an as-yet-untitled live-action series from Space Ghost‚Äôs Matt Harrigan, about the insane captain of a cruise ship. As none of these feature Mike Tyson solving mysteries with a talking pigeon, your interest may vary.