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Adrienne Barbeau's headed back to the swamp (Thing)

Photo: Silver Screen Collection (Getty Images)

Having apparently failed to learn her lesson about swamps, Things, and the grimy intersections that can take place between the two, Adrienne Barbeau—star of stage, screen, and the enduring fantasies of any number of formerly young people who saw her in 1982's Swamp Thing—has signed on for a role in DC Universe’s TV adaptation of the classic series. This is per Rue Morgue, which notes that it’s not clear what role Barbeau will be taking in the series, which stars Derek Mears as the Thing, and Andy Bean as his formerly human self.

Still, Barbeau’s a pro, so it’s not like anyone will be sorry to see her lend her talents to the new Swamp Thing, which is going for an explicitly horrific and Gothic tone in its approach to Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson’s natural protector. DC Universe is continuing to work hard to differentiate its output for fans of comic book TV; they’re previously offered up the ridiculous but sometimes entertaining Titans, and the more explicitly great Doom Patrol, for enthusiasts to check out.


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