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Adrien Brody to star in Jerusalem's Lot series, which is not Salem's Lot

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In its continued efforts to establish that it very much exists, Epix—it’s a TV channel, maybe you have it?—is getting into the Stephen King business. Variety reports that the network has ordered to series an adaptation of Jerusalem’s Lot, which is not to be confused with Salem’s Lot, though the two are very much related. Adrien Brody will headline the series adaptation of the King story included in 1978's Night Shift (which also featured Children Of The Corn and Quitters, Inc.), the author’s first collection of short stories. Screenwriters Jason and Peter Filardi will serve as executive producers and showrunners on the series, which is expected to premiere next fall.


Set in 1850, Jerusalem’s Lot is a prequel to Salem’s Lot, and centers on an aristocrat named Charles Boone who returns to his small hometown of Preacher’s Corners, Maine with his children following the death of his wife. Through a series of diary entries and letters, some from the perspective of Boone’s servant, Calvin, a Lovecraftian tale begins to unfold—and yes, there are vampires. Jerusalem’s Lot is one of two stories in Night Shift related to Salem’s Lot; the other is One For The Road, which serves as a sort of epilogue and takes place two years after the events in Salem’s Lot.

Back in April, we learned that James Wan is producing a new film adaptation of Salem’s Lot based on a screenplay by Gary Dauberman, whose credits include It Chapter Two and Annabelle Comes Home. Jerusalem’s Lot showrunner Peter Filardi previously scripted the 2004 TV adaptation of Salem’s Lot, and his credits also include cult classics Flatliners and The Craft.

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