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Adrien Brody saves Christmas in a charming Wes Anderson short for H&M

(Screenshot: H&M/YouTube)

The last time we were treated to a Wes Anderson feature was in 2014, with The Grand Budapest Hotel. But while we’re waiting for his next one–a stop motion project—the holiday season has gifted us a short from the director. Sure, it’s in the form of a H&M commercial, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy of our giddy excitement. The ad combines many things Anderson loves: Trains, snow, Adrien Brody, symmetry, and whimsy.

The plot is simple (what did you expect?). Brody plays a conductor of a delayed train that has ruined its passengers’ holiday plans. So he decides to throw a Christmas brunch for the travelers complete with a tree, hot chocolate, ”whipped topping,” and paper snowflakes. There are some garments involved, presumably from H&M, that don’t totally match Anderson’s aesthetic, but everything else fits perfectly.


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