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Adolf Hitler wants people to cool it with the Donald Trump comparisons

In an open letter/Horace And Pete update last week, Louis CK denounced Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, calling him an “insane bigot” and “[Adolf] Hitler.” CK’s probably not alone in his remarks, but his comments were the ones that made the news and talk shows, including Conan, where last night Conan O’Brien invited the proponent of war crimes—in this case, Hitler, not Trump—to respond to the comparison.


There was no time machine or séance involved—it’s actually just Sarah Silverman in costume (but she’ll presumably ditch the outfit before arriving in Chicago in June). Together, O’Brien and Hitler note the similarities between the German dictator and the living embodiment of a Forbidden Friends song. But while Hitler generally agrees with Trump, he considers the Orange One’s tactics to be rather crass—apparently, the dick talk should be relegated to the beer hall—so he finds the comparison unfavorable. In the end, though, it’s not enough to actually make him regret any of his atrocities.

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