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Sandwiched between The Wedding Singer and Big Daddy, 1998's The Waterboy was a fitfully amusing flick that nevertheless served as a harbinger of Adam Sandler’s decline in the realm studio comedies. Though still infused the colorful absurdity of his early work, the movie finds Sandler eschewing the man-child antics of Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore in favor of the kind of grating, character-based performance he’d continue to roll out in duds like Little Nicky and Eight Crazy Nights.

The film still has its fans, however, as Adidas is releasing an entire line of Waterboy-themed gear in honor of the film’s 20th anniversary. Varsity jackets, hats, and water bottles feature the colors and logo of the film’s fictional South Central Louisiana State University, as well as its mascot, the Mud Dog. “Boucher,” the last name of Sandler’s dopey character, is written on the back of a limited edition jersey.


See some of the designs below:

The collection drops this Thursday at Louisiana’s Sneaker Politics and will be available online come Friday. While you’re waiting, let us consider what the Church of Satan’s got planned for Little Nicky’s 20th in 2020.


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