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Adidas actually made Life Aquatic shoes, but it’s probably too late to buy them

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Everybody loves those Nike Air Mags from Back To The Future Part II, especially since the company actually sells them from time to time, but they’re definitely not the only pair of badass kicks you can usually only find in a movie. There’s also the customized Team Zissou-branded Adidas Roms from Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic, which sneaker-loving film buffs have been pestering Adidas to make for years. Finally, the company came through earlier this month, but you may have already missed your chance to buy a pair of the custom blue and yellow Roms.

As reported by Sneaker News (via Vice), Adidas produced a limited run of 100 Team Zissou Roms and sold them exclusively at the We Love Green music festival in Paris in honor of an appearance from Seu Jorge, whose music was featured prominently in the film. Vice has reached out to Adidas to see if there will ever be another opportunity to buy these Roms, but it seems pretty unlikely. After all, buying the Nike Mags was tough, and The Life Aquatic—as great as it is—isn’t quite the cultural touchstone that Back To The Future has become. Thankfully, Adidas can’t stop you from looking at nice photos of the shoes:

Adidas are selling 100 pairs of the Rom “Zissou” from the Wes Anderson film ‘The Life Aquatic’, which is one of my favourite films. pic.twitter.com/jVs2vhhHys

— Ben Gartside (@BenGartside) June 27, 2017


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