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Adele turned down an offer to perform at the Super Bowl

We could've photoshopped a football into this picture. It would've been hilarious. (Photo: Getty Images, Adam Bettcher)

Citing the fact that the event “is not about music,” Adele recently announced during a concert in Los Angeles that she turned down an offer to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show. That’s according to Variety, which says rumors had begun popping up over the last week that said the organizers behind the halftime show had been trying as hard as they could to court Adele. Supposedly, the Super Bowl people wanted to avoid a situation like last year’s disappointingly Coldplay-filled halftime show by enlisting a performer with much more “international and age-spanning appeal.”

As for Adele, she said that they were “very kind” to offer her the gig, but since she “can’t dance or anything like that,” she didn’t really think the Super Bowl was the right thing for her. Apparently, nobody suggested that she just hire a guy in a goofy shark costume to do the dancing for her. Either way, now we don’t get to write lyrics for a football-based parody of “Hello,” so everyone’s probably happy about that.


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