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Adele’s new record finally has a release date

Adele, as pictured on her new album cover

Adele’s new record is imminent. The “Skyfall” singer announced that her new LP, 25, will hit stores November 20. Saying that since her “last record was a breakup record,” Adele has labeled 25 a “make up record,” saying she’s “making up with myself, making up for lost time, making up for everything I ever did and never did.” According to some reports, 25 features collaborations with Max Martin, Danger Mouse, Ryan Tedder, Tobias Jesso Jr., and maybe Damon Albarn. The record’s first single, “Hello,” is due out tomorrow, October 23.

25 is the first new music from Adele since 2012. Her last record, 21, has sold about 30 million copies worldwide.

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