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Adele doesn’t know if she’ll ever tour again

(Photo: Getty Images, Graham Denholm)

Having already conquered the music world by taking home virtually every Grammy Award this year, Adele basically has the freedom to do whatever she wants without losing her status as a superstar. At least she’s hoping that’s the case, because she’s teasing that she might be totally done with going on tour. That’s according to a note that was included with the programs at Adele’s recent shows at London’s Wembley Stadium, in which she says that she wanted her “final shows to be in London” because she doesn’t know if she’ll ever go on the road again and wants her “last time to be at home.”

In the note, Adele says she’s been on tour for 15 months and will have played 123 shows by the time she finishes this final leg on July 2, and all of that time on the road has apparently been weighing on her. “I’m a real homebody,” she says, “and I get so much joy in the small things.” She also says that she has a “terrible history” with touring and that she’s only done it in the hopes of making an impact on her fans in the way that some of her favorite artists impacted her.


An Adele fan account on Instagram grabbed a photo of the note, which you can see below.

[via Rolling Stone]

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