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Adele broke her damn Grammy in half, and the internet took it from there

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

As we’ve already reported, Adele won a lot of Grammys last night, bringing her career total to 11. She couldn’t really be expected to keep track of all of them, not when she also has a George Michael tribute to perform. So it’s not surprising to learn that one of those statuettes suffered some rough treatment, albeit probably unintentionally. Variety reports that Adele was photographed holding a Grammy that had been split in two at some point during the night. The 25 singer spoke out about Beyoncé’s snub for Lemonade in the Album Of The Year category, and she dedicated her own victory to her fellow Grammy nominee. But Adele didn’t actually offer her one half of the broken statuette, so it’s probably safe to assume it was an accident. Regardless, the internet’s imagination—ever ready with a Mean Girls reference—took off.


Adele was given a replacement placeholder (those things presumably weren’t even engraved yet) soon after, though, and she spent the night cradling the evening’s haul. So, even if it wasn’t a solidarity gesture, at least we got a new meme out of the whole thing.

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