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We haven’t heard much from Adele in the last few years. Her last album, 25, came out all the way back in 2015, and after that she pulled off a shocking Grammys upset, suggested that she might never want to tour again, had to get emergency surgery after damaging her vocal cords, and then… probably continued to do something, but we’re not sure what. Apparently, though, the reason we’re not regularly briefed on Adele’s comings and goings is that we don’t get invited to the same weddings she does. According to Stereogum, Adele was the officiant at a friend’s wedding recently—specifically writer Laura Dockrill—and she revealed to the other guests in attendance that she’ll have a new album ready in September. She also sang “Rolling In The Deep” because, well, she’s Adele and somebody gave her a microphone. What, you think her friends asked her to come to their wedding, gave her an important job, and didn’t want her to briefly take over the spotlight to perform one of her big hit songs?


At this point, it’s worth noting that this stuff about a new album is very much unconfirmed, and Billboard’s story on the party doesn’t even mention it. It could be flat-out untrue or plans could change, but for now you can feel free to leave some space open in your schedule to listen to a new Adele album in a few months. Also, if we can make some baseless speculation, we’re going to guess that this new album—if it’s real—will be called 30 or 31. Maybe 32? Somewhere around there, at least.

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